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Rule Britannia!

Well what a day it was, Saturday 11th June saw a double celebration in Aldershot town, the Bi -annual Victoria Day Parade and the Queens 90th birthday celebrations combined perfectly into a rather patriotic party atmosphere!

The town saw thousands of spectators line the streets to watch the 11am parade, starring us of course, as well as other businesses and groups from Aldershot. It was one of the best we've ever been involved in and we've been in it since the beginning!

We went for a 20's theme this year, what with it being the decade of our lovely Monarchs birth and we felt rather spiffy! Check out the pics :-) Our neighbours, the staff of Edgar Jerome's went for a mixture of great British looks, and we got a visit from one of our lovely customers wearing her Victorian costume, if you came to the parade chances are you saw many of our outfits on the organisers, volunteers and stallholders :-)

All the outfits in the pics are available to hire from the shop ( you don't have to be part of a parade to wear them, unless you really want to. )

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