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The Silly Season :-)

Well, we must have been very busy, we haven't done a blog post since before Halloween! We call the last 4 months of the year the 'silly season' for a reason, it's MADNESS. In all the right way's of course :-) We have Halloween, Christmas & New Year events to cater for all in one glittering, over the top, action packed few months.

Halloween was terrorific ( see what I did there? ) The Day of the Dead was another popular theme, But the Suicide Squad characters, in particular 'Harley Quinn' definetely takes the prize for most popular costume.

Christmas saw an even bigger surge in the trend for Xmas jumpers, Fairy wings and of course plenty of hirings for the Big Man himself!

New Year was fantastic, the 1920's with it's oh so glamorous and elegant themes was another big trend this year, as was, sadly 'Dead Celeb' parties, we had a lot to call upon, Prince, Bowie, George Michael and of course Princess Leia herself Carrie Fisher. As sad as it has been to lose these icons, it's comforting to know we can keep their glow alive by impersonating them in costume from time to time!

We have exciting news coming very soon, and I promise to keep you all up to date with our shenangians. Now if you'll excuse me I have a gangsters outfit to press......

Check out some of our Halloween pics below.

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